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Yin Yoga – A Sample Sequence

This Yin Yoga sequence helps to restore the healthy flow of qi through the liver and gall bladder meridians, to support the body’s metabolism and its natural ability to eliminate unwanted toxins and waste products.During this practice, allow yourself space to feel and completely surface any emotions. While stretching these energetic pathways, notice any of the physical
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Seeking Teachers

VKYO is now recruiting teachers. Vinyasa Krama Yoga Olympia is now looking for additional teachers to offer classes at the Westside location. Substitute teachers and assistants are needed as well and we’d like to feature a guest teacher from our local community to occasionally lead classes. Please take a look at our principles and intentions
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Classes at Westside location

Our new location: 1403 Garfield Ave, Olympia, WA 98502 Go to VKYO Booking Website Our classes are offered at Northwest Center for Natural Medicine. The building has a side entrance for the yoga studio where you will find signs indicating yoga classes. Please park on the street, the parking in the back of the building
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