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About Vinyasa Krama Yoga Olympia

We are instructors and wellness professionals seeking to work together to create a safe, inviting, fun and inclusive environment for ourselves and our students. We offer low barrier, trauma sensitive yoga classes; our classes are designed for a range of needs and levels of experiences to ensure best personal practices.

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What does Vinyasa Krama mean?

Vinyasa krama is the synchronized movement of yoga asanas through various stages in order to achieve a specific goal. Most commonly, this goal is to progress from simple asana to more advanced asana. The term comes from the Sanskrit, vi, meaning “order,” nyasa, meaning “placement,” and karma, meaning “succession.” The name for this type of yoga practice is often shortened to vinyasa.

Vinyasa krama helps the yogi prepare their body for the more advanced asana by starting with basic poses building on those with progressively more challenging asanas. By the time the yogi reaches their goal – typically an advanced asana – they are physically and mentally prepared to successfully practice it.

Vinyasa refers to practicing a sequence of asanas that are synchronized with the breath such that each movement in the vinyasa krama sequence is linked to an inhalation or an exhalation and each asana becomes a step within the flow. The yogi learns to listen to their body and foster self awareness, empathy and sense acuity.

Instead of performing each asana as an independent pose disconnected from the whole, vinyasa krama reflects the flowing energy of the universe. The mind, body and breath are unified into a state of harmony. Vinyasa krama uses variations of each asana to open the potential of the mind and body, to support exploration and self discovery, to support self discovery.

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Northwest Center For Natural Medicine
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